My reading recommendations
(And yes, it's mostly Ezracentric)

Now, before we go any further I'd like to make a few things clear. Everybody has different tastes, since everybody is different. It would be quite a boring world out there if it wasn't so. My taste goes towards a green-eyed, cocky gambler, and therefore most of my recs will be Ezra- or Seven stories. I want to state that these are my recommendations, it doesn't mean that everyone else should like them as well, or that I think that everything else out there is crap. Certainly not!

These stories have been chosen because they all contain great characterizations, exciting plots, and generally guarantees the reader a good time. Again, this is just my opinion.

I would also like to state that even though I often rec only a single story by an author, it generally means I'm rec'ing all of her stories, but this is just my personal favorite.

And last, but not least: there is definitely more great fiction out there than what I have rec'ed on my site, but unfortunately RL won't let me read fics for a living. Therefore I haven't been able to read every single one of them and a lot of what I have read and liked, have unfortunately disappeared into the vast sea of Mag7fanfics out there. Therefore only a few of them have made it to my site.

Okay, now that that's been done, let's get to it!

Across the Divide - by Sue Bartholomew
What would happen to our boys after the man with the Scythe finally got to them? Sue's answer is both bittersweet and engaging without being syrupy-sweet.

Gray - by Nottasha
Not one of Nottasha's longest stories, but one of my favourites nonteless. It's sweet and it's sad and without having a single flashback it manages to tell us so much about how Ezra's childhood might have been.

Child's Play - by Wyvern
The first Little Ezra I read and the inspiration for my own story. A heartwrenching tale about how a young Ezra ends up in Four Corners, and the trouble that follow him as he realises things aren't as he thought they would be.
And now there's even a sequel too :-)

Captives- by Sue Bartholomew
- A very long, very good OW H/C story featuring Ezra, containing physical as well as emotional hurt.  And what makes me really happy is the fact that it focuses just as much on the comfort part as the hurt part. The way a good H/C story should.

When rivers rise - by Meg Tipper
- My favorite of Meg's. OW. After a tough day, Ezra decides to leave Four Corners for good. But it's not as easy as he thinks. Good, well-rounded characters, a well-developed plot and lots of Ezra.

A gathering of lions - by G.M. Atwater
- I love this interpretation of the ATF Mag7 boys. For me it shows exactly how I think of them. It's a first person POW seen from a fellow agent's view.

Blame - by Violette
- Ezra becomes the scapegoat after a terrifying event. A great, long Ezrafic. ATF.

Team Retreat- by Heather F.
- Another ATF-story.  Heather has the boys taking orders from outsiders. Go see how that goes.

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