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As of yet there isn't really a lot of it, but hopefully the archive will expand over time.

I'd love feedback of any kind. Comments, suggestions, discussions about the story (be that about the plot, the characters, my strange use of commas or whatever). I'm a fairly new writer and can only improve, so please feel free to tell me if there's anything I can do better.

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A better plan ~ OW 
Ezra is having a bad day when he comes into contact with another bunch of southerners and his day is just about to get worse.

85 kb, uploaded July 2003.

PDF format ~ 179 kb

Blue horse ~ Rascals AU
My own take at the little Ezra universe. Nothing much and if anyone wants to play around here as well, they are welcome to it.

For once young Ezra has done something unselfish, but things don't turn out quite as expected.

81 kb, uploaded June 2003.

PDF format ~ 178 kb

At night ~ ATF
The aftermath of a bust gone wrong.

13 kb, uploaded June 2003.

PDF format ~ 89 kb

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