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This is the newest addition to my site and only possible thanks to my friend Jean. She has graciously allowed me to use some space on her server to host the downloads, since they are otherwise too big for the small amount of space and bandwidth that I have here.


Finally managed to finish a few icons. Hopefully more will follow soon. Credit is great, but not necessary. Snag away. No hotlinking, please. If you want text on them, you're welcome to write your own. Or tell me what you want, and I'll put it on.



To download a screensaver, just rightclick, and save as. It's very easy to install and there an uninstall file with as well to get rid of it. But if you still have questions you're welcome to contact me.

I also accept requests, if you want something special. So far my choice in pics is limited, but I'm working on getting screengrabs.

So far there's only one lonely screensaver here, but I plan on making more as soon as I get some decent pics.

Screensaver made with promopictures of the guys. Includes all seven.
Around 1.1 MB.

Winamp skins

This is my first winamp skin ever, so it's very basic. Hope you still like it.
I might be talked into making more of these if there is a demand for it, but they take a long time, so you have to be quite patient :-)

Click on image to download

To use the skin, just place it in you winamp skin folder and then press ALT-S. A menu of your installed skins should come up, and you just have to pick the right one.

If you still have questions/comments, you are more than welcome to contact me.



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