20th of November

Finally another update. The reason for the long wait has been a computer that decided it didn't want to work after I formatted it. It finally saw the errors of its ways, but not before October was long gone. Fear not, I will still bring you an October author profile and even two November profiles. Aren't I generous *g*

Anyway, October's profile is the lovely Wyvern and Sassysouix and Dorkjunkie share November.

Also added another wallpaper. I dare anyone to make a fic based on this pic ;-) Also added a few more links.

26th of September

Added Angela B as this month's author profile. Also added a new wallpaper in the wallpaper section, a new icon in the interactive section and some more links.

26th of August

Added Debby as author profile for August. Also added one more icon to the Interactive section.

6th of August

Added 4 new icons to the interactive section as well as a new wallpaper to the wall paper section. Also added a long overdue new page called credit, which is, well, where I credit people who's helping me make this website.

3rd of August

Now known as the end of July, since I'm laaaate. But, in compensation for that I've snagged KellyA as July's author profile. Yay!

Added a few more links to the links section as well.

22nd of June

Added Heather F as June's profile.

9th of June

The Ezzie awards 2004 has just come to its end this weekend and lookie what I got :-)

Got another one for best OW gen manip and a gold Ezzie for Blue Horse. Big thanks to those who nominated me and to the judges. Much appreciated :-)

In other news, I've added pdf-versions of my fics, for those who might want to save them or print them or whatever.

2nd of June

A bit late on the May profile this month, but at least you have something to look forward to. This time I've shanghaied Violette, so go take a look. Still working on stories, which I seem to start a lot of and finish very little.



to my new site. As you can probably guess I am quite fond of a certain green-eyed gambler and I will admit that this site is mostly about Ezra. But the others are represented as well, so please take a look around, even if you are mostly interested in Vin, Chris or any of the others.

Please feel free to sign my guestbook on the way. I would love to hear what you think about my site, fanfiction or anything else you would like to tell about. Since this is my first attempt at a website I would like to hear if you find any broken links or things that look weird, so that I can fix them.

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