Name or Pseudonym:



Where are you from (Country and/or State)?

How did you get into the Mag7 fandom?
An American friend got me hooked on the show (Thanks Jo:0))

How long have you been writing Mag7 fanfiction?

How has your writing changed since you first started?
I first started back in 1978 so I hope that my writing has matured, hopefully got better plots and believable characters

Is this your only fandom, your major fandom or one of the many?
No, I have written in many, many fandoms, these can be found at my website, and I enjoy them all.

What is it about this fandom that you like?
The interaction between the Mag 7 characters, and the way the fans conduct themselves, this is such a friendly, helpful fandom.

Did you like the Old West before Mag7 or did that come afterwards?
Oh yes, I just love the old west for its history, and grew up reading J.T. Edson.

Did you see the show before you got into the fandom or after, or haven't you seen the show yet?
My American friend sent me some video’s of this great new show when it was first aired and I was hooked:0)

What do you think about the show opposed to the fandom? Is the show your main interest and the fandom comes after or the other way around and why?
I think that fandom comes first, the show was the spring board for some fantastic writers, and I have such pleasure reading their work.

What are you working on right now?
Not a lot due to real life and a bout of long term illness, but I am hoping to get back into writing soon;0).

How and where do you write?
On my computer, in my living room, with either music on or the TV as background noise

What's the hardest part about writing in this fandom?
Getting the plots right, and not letting my muse run away with the characters

Why do you write?
I get great pleasure from writing.

What writers do you think you've been influenced by?
Outside fandom, it would be Robert Louis Stevenson, Kidnap that book taught me that ‘a word once spoken can never be recaptured’ That is a great line in a story and a good lesson in life.

What advice would you offer to beginning writers?
Give it a go, you will be amazed how much support there is out there, and how much pleasure you get from just writing the story.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories from?
Everywhere, sometimes a plot just pops into my head, and I realise that I have been working on it for a few days/weeks without realising it.

Do you read any of the other AU's (ATF, LB and so on) out there and do you have a favourite?
Yes, and I love them all, I really admire those writers, but if I have to chose one I would say LB… I just adore those boys as children:0)

What do you look for as a reader of fanfiction?
A good plot and good characters, and a lot of hurt/comfort:0)

Do you think there's anything missing in the fandom? Types of stories or certain characters that you'd like to see more of?
No, I am always amazed how much area this fandom covers, from old west, to modern day, to future and even horror. I have never been in a fandom where the variety is so great and the quality of stories so good.

Are there any characters or situations that you don't think you'll ever write?
Yes, I am not keen on real life stories, using the actor instead of the character etc.

Who's your favourite character and why?
Ezra, those eyes, those lips, that smile…. Er… need I say more;-), Ok I guess it also because he a very complex character and so misunderstood. Boy, do I like misunderstood characters:0)

Who's your second favourite character and why?
This has to be a toss up between Chris and Vin, I adore those two and I just can’t seem to put one over the other. Why, because Chris is so dark at times and Vin is so wild:0)

Who's your favourite bad guy and why?
I have to admit that I don’t really have a favourite bad guy, they all do their jobs.

What's your favourite episode and why?
Serpents – Ezra suffers so well, and a lot is revealed about him, even to himself.

What's your favourite story and why?
Oh now this is a hard question, as there have been so many…. And I have got such enjoyment from them over the years. How do I pick one from such a host of wonderful stories?

Any favourite author?
Tarlan, Anglea B, TrishA, Nancy W, Kelly A and LaraMee are but a few in Mag 7 Fiction, and so many others in other fandoms. I don’t think you have the space for ALL my favourite authors;-)

What storyline would you most have liked to see in season 3?
Ezra’s mother having to explain what happened in her life, to make her so determined that her son would not be dependent on anyone for emotional support or money.

If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
The fact that it was cancelled.


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