Name or Pseudonym:
KellyA ”The Storyteller”


Where are you from (Country and/or State)?

How did you get into the Mag7 fandom?
Loved the show

How long have you been writing Mag7 fanfiction?

How has your writing changed since you first started?
Well I’ve tried to get more detail and flesh out the characters more. I think my stories have improved from my first writings.

Is this your only fandom, your major fandom or one of the many?
I’ve written some Hercules and A-Team fic but I’ve written more fics in Mag 7 than in any other.

What is it about this fandom that you like?
The comraderie and the different personalities of each of the seven.

Did you like the Old West before Mag7 or did that come afterwards?
I’ve always loved westerns. High Chaparrall is my all time favorite.

Did you see the show before you got into the fandom or after, or haven’t you seen the show yet?
After the show was cancelled writing and reading fic was a way to keep it going for me. I hated when it was cancelled.

What do you think about the show opposed to the fandom? Is the show your main interest and the fandom comes after or the other way around and why?
I consider the fandom an extension and in some ways better. I think the stories give more depth and variations which the show could never have done.

What are you working on right now?
I have a Mag 7 fic I’m trying to finish, but unfortunately I’m burnt out. I wrote too many and it’s hard to come up with anything original. I’m afraid anything I put out now won’t be that good, sorry.

How and where do you write?
Usually on my laptop in bed.

What’s the hardest part about writing in this fandom?
Actually it’s been the easiest fandom for me to write in. I wish I could delve into the other universes, but I’ve been stuck in the west and sometimes the ATF.

Why do you write?
Don’t know I just love it. Always have, someday I would love to become an author.

What writers do you think you've been influenced by?
Well Mog got me hooked on the ATF universe, but it was Sue Bartholomew who wrote “Dealer’s Choice” who got me writing in the Mag 7 fandom.

What advice would you offer to beginning writers?
I think writing Fan Fic is the best way to learn to write and to practice. For one thing characters are already fleshed out for you and that has always been my biggest problem developing interesting characters.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories from?
Usually I dream up something and sometimes I get ideas from other fics I read.

Do you read any of the other AU’s (ATF, LB and so on) out there and do you have a favourite?
I only read the old west and ATF I haven’t been able to get into any of the other universes.

What do you look for as a reader of fanfiction?
I need Ezra to play a prominent role and I like to see emotional and physical conflict. I like the friendship the seven have.

Do you think there's anything missing in the fandom?
Types of stories or certain characters that you'd like to see more of? With the amount of stories out there I don’t think much has been left out.

Are there any characters or situations that you don't think you'll ever write?
I’m not into slash, and for some reason I have a hard time putting any of the seven into a romantic situation.

Who’s your favourite character and why?
Ezra, he’s just so intricate and fun.

Who’s your second favourite character and why?
Probably Chris. I like Chris because of his dark side and his conflict with Ezra.

What’s your favourite episode and why?
I like the Collector. I just think it really showed a little of all the Seven.

What’s your favourite story and why?
Oh lord that’s a hard one. I have about fifty stories that I keep on disk and read over and over again.

Any favourite author?
Heather F. , NotTasha, Jean Graham, Eleanor T. and a host of one time story writers.

What storyline would you most have liked to see in season 3?
I just would have liked to see a season three.

If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
Can’t think of one.


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