Name or Pseudonym:
Debby or sable_cain


Website (if any):

Where are you from (Country and/or State)?
Originally- I spent my first 18 years all over Upstate NY but after college in Georgia…I’ve stayed in the peach state?

How did you get into the Mag7 fandom?
A friend of mine who didn’t have tv in her apartment convinced me to watch (and tape it since I was hooked heavily into Pretender at the time) She also introduced me to Fanfic (had never heard of it) and thus the fandom I’m now obsessed with!

How long have you been writing Mag7 fanfiction?
Um…that’d be since 2000 I think. 4 or five years anyway, can’t remember exactly.

How has your writing changed since you first started?
Egads! Hopefully I’m a smoother writer than I was. I have education in journalistic style writing so I’m hoping that since the beginning I’ve learned to describe more detail stuff and fill out a story better. Plus…my first two attempts were some NASTY mary sues…my bad.

Is this your only fandom, your major fandom or one of the many?
M7 is my major fandom. My very first fic(dreadful mary sue) was a Due South tale and I’ve tried to write a couple of short The Sentinel fics but as far as writing goes I’m pretty stuck and happily so in M7 world.

What is it about this fandom that you like?
Probably the characters- that there is so many possibilities with them and I have a thing for relationships. Not romantic but just the inner relations of any characters. Love the possibilities and all the dynamics that go with this fandom.

Did you like the Old West before Mag7 or did that come afterwards?
I’m not really into westerns at all, still. I love M7 but like I said…it’s the characters that hook me and frankly its usually the characters that hook me into any show I like. I’m not one to rave over any particular genre.

Did you see the show before you got into the fandom or after, or haven’t you seen the show yet?
I did see the show before I got into the fandom but I honestly didn’t get enjoy it as much as I do now until I’d gotten into the fandom. Something about all the background development and expounding done in fandom helped me appreciate the show all the more.

What do you think about the show opposed to the fandom?
Is the show your main interest and the fandom comes after or the other way around and why? Hmmm…The show had so much potential that the writers didn’t or didn’t have time to tap. Fandom gives so many opportunities to get behind the guys and learn or create your own take on the characters. I’d have to say that the fandom is my main interest and though I’m not “stuck” on keeping canon exact…I like fics that generally attempt to keep the guys in the character the show set for them. For the most part anyway?

What are you working on right now?
Oh gosh, I have about 5 challenge fics I’m behind on and a couple of sequels to some early fics I’m trying to get done. I have a ‘long’ air marshals fic that’s been in the works for a few years now but at the moment I’m concentrating on an ATF fic based on Ezra pre joining the team and a Twister/au fic.

How and where do you write?
Where ever and when ever I can find the time! Last night I was up until 1:30am trying to make progress on the atf fic I mentioned. Since my second son was born I find my time has grown limited and I think I lost a few creative brain cells with childbirth? And I’m old fashioned…I have to write it on paper first. I flounder when I can’t see the stuff on paper before typing it up.

What’s the hardest part about writing in this fandom?
Coming up with new ideas that haven’t been done before and keeping motivated when the feedback is a lot slower than it was a few years ago.

Why do you write?
I always have…I’m not gonna say I can’t live without it because I’m very good at getting caught up in real life and not making writing a priority but frankly since about 5th grade I wanted to write. Whether it was creative stories, journaling or freelancing (journalism) I’m usually writing something. I love to read and have always wanted to be able to create stories that others would want to read as much as I’ve enjoyed books I’ve read…does that make sense?

What writers do you think you've been influenced by?
Oiy, good question. I’m not really sure, probably popular writers- particularly Patricia Cornwell, Jonathan Kellerman, a little James Patterson…I love things written in first person, or focusing on one character through a series…they’re relationships, etc. I hope that I’m able to draw people into a fic like they seem to draw me into their worlds but than again, I have no delusion of grandeur.

What advice would you offer to beginning writers?
Find a good beta, one who will be honest with you and be willing to listen to their constructive suggestions whether you think you need it or not! Find someone who understands what you’re getting at and can help you write YOUR story. Don’t be discouraged by lack of feedback, and just keep at it. Its over said but its true…practice makes perfect and none of us have attained perfection yet…so keep at it?

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories from?
Everywhere…songs a lot of the time, my kids, tv commercials…the inspiration for my air marshals au came from a 15 second story about them on the nightly news…

Do you read any of the other AU’s (ATF, LB and so on) out there and do you have a favourite?
I read ATF all the time and give most AU’s a chance but I’ll admit I can be picky.

What do you look for as a reader of fanfiction?
A good story that keeps the guys in character. I like h/c and a bit of smarm too.

Do you think there's anything missing in the fandom? Types of stories or certain characters that you'd like to see more of?
If anything is missing, maybe its more stories by the folks who were in the fandom when I first joined. The authors whose fics drew me in so deep I still haven’t been able to break free-though I’m not trying very hard either?

Are there any characters or situations that you don't think you'll ever write?
I’ll probably never write slash and can’t see myself writing any stories with the guys as kids unless it was part of their history/past.

Who’s your favourite character and why?
Ezra! Because there’s so much to him and he’s unpredictable. You can love him and hate him all at the same time.

Who’s your second favourite character and why?
AAHHH I have to choose?? There are good points about ALL seven of them. Probably in writing I’d choose Chris as second fav or Vin or…darn I can’t choose. In watching the shows…Buck is my second favorite…just to hear the man’s voice.

Who’s your favourite bad guy and why?
Ella Gaines. She was evil and manipulative and you wanted to see Vin blow a hole straight through her heart…but she got away and there’s so much potential with that story line!

What’s your favourite episode and why?
Vendetta. I absolutely love almost everything about that ep. From Ma Nichols and Josiah to the Nichols boys beating up JD and Casey’s reaction. To the way the group banded together without question to defend Chris’ father in law despite the fact he was guilty. All of it culminating in that last montage of scenes with Ma quoting the rosary and the music and gunfire…that ep was well done.

What’s your favourite story and why?
I’d have to say Clear as Bell by Nottasha. It was one of the first of hers I ever read and there’s just so much depth to it. I never get tired of reading that one.

Any favourite author?
Not sure I could choose one favourite but I have a short list of authors that I always read.

What storyline would you most have liked to see in season 3?
Oh lordy…there’s too many they didn’t do…I’d have liked to see more about Ezra’s past. See Vin get that bounty problem cleared up. Would have loved to see the rumoured ep about JD’s father coming to town and what that could have entailed. Just would have liked to see more about the guys themselves and what made them who they are!

If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
Less ‘fight the bad guys and win’ scripts and more delve into the past history of the seven story lines. I’d have liked to see some of the guys taken more seriously and not just have been comic relief. I think both Buck and Ezra could have been treated better by the writers.


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