Name or Pseudonym:
Beth. Bubble Butt or Bethy Boy will get you a black eye (grin).



Where are you from (Country and/or State)?
I spent most of my youth on a farm outside a small town called Homedale…located in the southern part of Idaho. However, I reside now in Cheney, Washington.

How did you get into the Mag7 fandom?
I saw the commercials on CBS for a new western and went nuts. I watched that station just for the previews (the bastards!) Anyway, I started out wanting to watch it for Michael Biehn, but this guy in a red jacket showed up and I was asking…Michael Biehn who?

How long have you been writing Mag7 fanfiction?
I started my first fic during the second season of the show…but I didn’t get it posted until I realized people actually wrote fanfiction and I actually wasn’t all that crazy.

How has your writing changed since you first started?
My grammar has GREATLY improved, and that is because of all the awesome betas I’ve had the privilege of working with. I learned more from them than any of my college professors.

Is this your only fandom, your major fandom or one of the many?
I tried other fandoms, but they just don’t have the amount of excellent writers this one seems to have.

What is it about this fandom that you like?
The awesome writers, the well crafted stories, the good lookin’ men that seem to be in them…

Did you like the Old West before Mag7 or did that come afterwards?
Heck yes, I think I was born with a horse in one hand and a cowboy in the other. I grew up around horses…add a dude to that—I’m hooked.

Did you see the show before you got into the fandom or after, or haven’t you seen the show yet?
I saw the show…taped them and watched them over and over again…all the while cursing CBS, and the writers/producers of the show for not taking it to its full potential.

What do you think about the show opposed to the fandom? Is the show your main interest and the fandom comes after or the other way around and why?
Fandom comes first…there’re just way too many excellent writers out there that have taken each of the seven farther than the show did.

What are you working on right now?
I just finished my next FBI fic and I’ll try and finish up a challenge…then I’ve got more stories in the works…better get busy.

How and where do you write?
I write all the time…give me a piece of paper and a pen and something will be down. While half my brain is working on plot lines the other half is doing what I should be doing. I don’t watch TV…I just don’t have a show that I have to see every week (not anymore) so I do a lot of writing while most of my family or friends are in front of the boobtube.

What’s the hardest part about writing in this fandom?
Staying true to the characters, I blame the writers of the TV series for that…they left the guys out there without much of anything, so on one hand it’s great to take them and run with your ideas.

Why do you write?
I have to…if I didn’t write I’d go nuts.

What writers do you think you've been influenced by?
John Sanford without a doubt, I love his style. I’m a huge David Wiltse fan as well, add in O’Henry and a few of the classics and I’m good to go. When I was in 5th grade a read a book called, Black Like Me, by John Howard Griffin…it’s awesome and I decided after writing that book that I wanted to be a writer…didn’t matter what.

What advice would you offer to beginning writers?
Write!!! Write, and don’t stop!! It’s a wonderful way to use your creative juices and in this day in age we need that. Who cares what other people think of your writing, just keep at it…in time you’ll watch it grow.

Where do you get your inspiration for your stories from?
Everywhere…music, song titles, pictures…artworks, TV commercials, urban legends, stories I’d heard as a kid…and the list goes on.

Do you read any of the other AU’s (ATF, LB and so on) out there and do you have a favourite?
I read them and I write them…it’s a great way to force the guys into different situations. I do not have a favourite…as long as it’s well written and thought out.

What do you look for as a reader of fanfiction?
First, the idea…if the idea is good then the story has potential. I look for fairly good writing skills, someone who knows how to write a paragraph and not a block of words. I love a showing of dimension in the characters, if they’re flat…I lose interest in the story and quit reading.

Do you think there's anything missing in the fandom? Types of stories or certain characters that you'd like to see more of?
What do I think is missing…the money to produce our own M7 TV show…
I’d like to see Nathan in more stories (including my own) and with more of a rounded personality. I can only take so much of him hating Ezra.

Are there any characters or situations that you don't think you'll ever write?
Slash and Het…can’t read it and I wouldn’t want to even try. I feel like a peeping Tom, seeing that I know what these guys look like, and how they react to situations. I can read a bodice ripper novel without any trouble…but I don’t really know what the people look like other than my own interpretation of the writer’s description.

Who’s your favourite character and why?
Ezra, hands down. He’s complex, entertaining, good looking, charismatic, unattainable, and downright nasty. I love a guy who can rob you blind while buying you a drink…there’s something about that…makes feel all warm and fuzzy inside, LOL.

Who’s your second favourite character and why?
I love Josiah, Buck, and Vin…they’d all have to come in second. I enjoy Josiah in fanfiction more than I did on the show…same with the others. There’s a lot of good chemistry between the actors, but even more when a good writer paints a picture of their idea.

Who’s your favourite bad guy and why?
Ma Nichols! I loved her…she just made you mad as hell, but there was an underlying drive that Tyne Daly was able to capture.

What’s your favourite episode and why?
Vendetta, it had to have been one of the best when it came to writing…they really did an awesome job with it and if they’d done more writing like that for the entire season…we may still be watching the show.

What’s your favourite story and why?
I can’t pick just one…there are so many excellent stories out there. By combining good ideas with complete thoughts and a definite understanding of the subject one is writing about, how can you go wrong?

Any favourite author?
Too many to choose from, I honestly believe this fandom has the best to pick from.

What storyline would you most have liked to see in season 3?
Just one…how about Vin and the bounty on his head, Ezra’s relationship with his mother—and did he have a father? What about Buck…I would love to know more about his relationship with Chris. And Nathan…what about his sisters? Does Ella Gains come back and send her revenge against the 7? So many ideas and storylines…damn CBS!

If you could change one thing about the show, what would it be?
It would still be on the air and I could bask in Anthony Starke’s excellence as an actor every friggin’ night of the week.


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